In creating different kinds of paracord products you need to know the many types of paracord bracelet weave patterns. They are called Cobra, Mamba, Fishtail, Viper, King Cobra, Boa, Rattler and Sidewinder. To create the perfect designs, you should know that the most popular among these is Cobra.

It is good to master all these types of weaves especially knowing how to make a 550 cord in a paracord bracelet and learning its step by step instructions. It is a great plus to have this knowledge to be able to create products with different looks and unique styles.

This is very useful if you want interesting varieties in your paracord designs which will broaden your ideas and creativity. You can apply each weave patterns to each product type. For example you can use a Cobra weave to a project like paracord keychain that you will be working on. Click here to view more information about paracord weave patterns.

To see different types of weave patterns that you can apply to your paracord bracelet design projects, click here to start viewing them. Below you can also find two Youtube video tutorials where you can learn some new ways to apply this type of weave.

This Is An Example Of A Cobra Weave

Video created by KevinBrauer

This Is an Example Of A Triaxial Weave

Video created by Paracord guild

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