7 basic knots

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

I used to learn how to tie the 7 basic knots when I was just a small kid and that was way back then during my boy scout years. We used to know that only the sailors or mountain climbers were the ones familiar with these type of knots but the truth is, this knowledge is also for everyone to know.

Having this ability, we can also apply it to jewelry making, crafts,
tying our own shoes and in many of our other daily life activities. In addition to know this, I am inspired also to use them to our paracord knots projects.

Most importantly this will help us save our lives if we are in a danger situation which I believe, to know and understand how to create these knots is a must.

Below is a video tutorial where you will learn the seven basic knots and how to create them. I encourage you to pay attention and practice the step by step procedures of each of this and start applying them in your daily lives.

Video created by Art of Manliness

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