I’ve seen a lot of products made of paracord but I have not seen a paracord necklace made out of it.  I’ve seen paracord necklace lanyard made of paracord knots. I’ve seen and learned how to make a bracelet out of of it too.  You have probably came across this page looking for the same subject matter.  Hey, you found the right place!

In this post I will show you how to make a paracord necklace.  This necklace is not just an ordinary necklace but it is made out of a paracord material 550 which means that it has a strength that can hold a weight as heavy as 550 lbs.  Aside from its use as decorative accessories that you can use it as as a lifesaver or survival tool to use for emergency situations.

In this post, I will show you an easy step by step procedure of paracord necklace tutorial.  This very unique because the creator made a very special necklace that is different from the regular necklace that you always see.  You will also find in detail what materials are necessary to get for your paracord necklace supplies.  Check out now this amazing tutorial from Instructables.com created by chewy3939 by clicking here.

You will also find below a video tutorial on how to create a paracord necklace.  This will teach you also a lot of knowledge on the step by step procedure and what material to use to create this. Check this out now.  Enjoy!

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