I’m an avid fan of paracord products and one of the best item I want to see and learn is, how to create a paracord watch. How is this made and what kind of materials do we need to use to do this?  I’m always fascinated to see watches created with paracord watch strap.  The most important part in this item is how to create the paracord watch bracelet which is the main thing that holds the watch around your wrist.

With my eagerness to learn, I did some research and found this great and amazing sites on paracord watch band instructions.  One of the best tutorial of creating this is a step by step process on how to make it using a side release buckle applying the alternate half hitch and in addition, this can also be used with no watch as a paracord bracelet or by adding more length to it as a dog or cat collar.  You can view this step by step instructions in Instructables.com created by Stormdrane.

Did you know that this amazing watch can save your life?  Just unwind the survival straps bracelet and use this in emergency situations.  This is a nice looking watch with paracord bracelet strap that I found on my research.  Check this cool item created for this life saving purpose, Survival Straps Paracord Watch by Eric Yang.

Below you will also see a very nice video on how to make a paracord watch band created by Farmer Diddley in YouTube. This is an amazing step-by-step tutorial.  Hope you enjoy my post.  Please feel free to share this by submitting this to one of your favorite social links below.  Thanks!

Video created by Farmer Diddley