I’m always curious to learn how to create a paracord cobra weave. Whatever I want to create out of it a keychain, lanyard or a bracelet, I am always eager to learn the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Probably you too have the same interest as I have. You are in the perfect spot to stumble upon my site!

It is always wise to have at least 12 feet length of cord before creating any of this cobra weave. Remember paracord is a durable material with a remarkable strength that holds a 550 pound weight. With this said it is very important to have this handy with you to help you in any survival situations.

This cobra weave looks very nice and I believe you can use it to create many other types of paracord items like a dog lease, bracelets, keychains, necklace and a few other more. You can also apply weave with buckle which makes it durable and enhance its looks. You can be creative and come up with many kinds of designs

I found a great step-by-step tutorial and a video below with a very comprehensive instructions to watch and follow. I’m sure you will find this very helpful to start learning how to make a paracord cobra weave. Check it out here, Paracord Lanyard Instructions at HomemadeGiftsMadeEasy.com.

Video created by kevingg2000