This is one of the most asked about question and I myself also wants to know how do you make a survival bracelet with a buckle. I guess learning this will also help us figure out creating a bracelet without a buckle and with three, two or more colors.

Survival means to maintain being alive in times of difficult situations. Creating a survival bracelet using a paracord material is a smart way to help us in emergency situations. Watch this Youtube video tutorial below and start learning how to do it.

This tutorial video was created by Jessie wheeler


If you love outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, it is important that you know how to braid paracord and bring with you at least one of these paracord items for survival purposes such as bracelets, reins, belts, dog collar and other useful survival items.

Creating a paracord bracelet is not complicated and it is important to know this so that you can always have this handy if you encounter yourself in emergency situations. Instead of grabbing a long cord and putting it in your bag why not create something useful and decorative so you can always have it with you.

It is good to make several styles and colors and see which ones looks best. It is just so nice to see how the braided paracord products look like! Before going outdoor it is a good practice to create this survival items to be ready to any emergency event that you might encounter during your outdoor trip.

To braid a parcord bracelet is easy to learn. Below is a very simple and excellent braiding intructions of a paracord bracelet which I have encountered online. Before you proceed it is best to use the 550 paracord rope because it is a strong cord which can support a 550 pound weight for survival purposes. Read the whole step by step instructions here at on how to braid paracord bracelet.

Video on how to make a paracord bracelet created by Michael Hobbs


Paracord material is a very secure and strong rope which due to its popularity a lot of us wanted to know the step by step paracord bracelet tutorial.  This material called paracord has a lot of uses especially in survival incidents.  It is advisable that you should carry some with you during your outdoor trips to help you in unexpected situations.  One best way to have this always is to carry a few with you as bracelets.

You probably came across this site looking for paracord survival bracelet instructions.  This is the perfect place to learn how to make paracord bracelet.  The first time you see a paracord bracelet you would think that it is difficult to create. The truth is it is just easy to create it!  It is also nice to know another way to create and follow a paracord bracelet instructions.

A )  Prepare your material paracord and make sure it is about fifteen ft. long so that you won’t be short.

B )  Get the the whole length of the paracord rope and turn up in the middle to have at least seven and a half foot length in each side.  Place a masking tape or anything that will mark the middle part of the cord.

C )  Create the knot on the left side by getting the one cord on the left side and place it at the buttom of  the center strands.

D )  Get the right side cord and place it at the buttom of the cord on the two middle strands toward the left side knot showed in the instruction before this.

E )   While stretching both of the ends on each side, make the knot tight to put the slack in.

F )  Take one of the cord on the right side and bring it under the middle strands.

G )  Take also the left side rope and bring it under the rope above the two center strands and through the curl that is on the right side shown in the previous instruction.

H )  Dragging both of the tips on either side, make the knot tight to drag in the rope that is loose.

I )  At this stage I will make the two small loops that are located at the top of the cobra stitch pattern a little bigger to use this as a tool to make the bracelet tight when finished.

J )  Continue doing the braided pattern until the cobra weave pattern is near the end of the curl and making the curl about half an inch open.

K )  When you start to braid your paracord knots rope, you need a few inch left over to place them in the slide holes that you had created mentioned previously.  To avoid the strands to come apart you will also need a few inch or less to burn the tips of the strands.  This way the tips are firm and easy to put them together to create the braid.  Burn the two ends by using a lighter then press the melted ends on the knot balls.

L )  Move smoothly the bracelet on.  Make the bracelet tight and insert the knot ball into the open curl to make it firm. Great!  Finally, you have created your own paracord bracelet.

Check this other great presentation of paracord bracelet tutorial.  Before you proceed reading it is best to know where to buy paracord material in strings or rope. Although there are so many stores to get it, the best place that I would prefer to purchase it is in

Video created by Beanana711

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