There are different types of lanyard knots that we can apply in our paracord knot tying. It is important to know the basic instruction of making it especially if we are just a beginner but as we grow in the knowledge of this creative knotting craft, it is essential to know the other kinds of lanyard knots.

You can use different materials to create this decorative patterns and stitches. Paracord is one of the most popular where most of us choose but you can also use other materials like plastic flat rope, nylon, polyester, satin, silk, etc.

I discovered ten kinds of lanyard knots and they are among the best and popular to use especially if you are creating lanyards for knife, keychain, necklace, etc. Before you proceed and check them out below, I encourage you to read this tutorial about the basic of creating paracord lanyard for beginners by

For those of you who are just starting out, this is a great discovery and for those of you who know this already it is an excellent way to review and make use of it again in your new projects.

And also don’t go without checking one of my previous post about a tutorial on how to make a simple lanyard. Enjoy!

1) Spiraled Solomon Bar Neck-Lanyard ~ by TIAT

Video created by TyingItAllTogether

2) Cross Knot Paracord Lanyard ~ by Stormdrane

Video created by Stormdrane

3) Tie Snake Knot Lanyard ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

4) Diamond Knot For Knife Lanyard ~ by Cr0cket20

Video created by Cr0cket20

5) Paracord Piranha Knot Lanyard ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

6) Adjustable Paracord Wrist Lanyard ~ Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

7) Chris Reeve Lanyard Snake Knot With Bead ~ by WeaversofEternity

Video created by WeaversofEternity

8) Create A Paracord Lanyard Knot ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

9) Wrist Paracord Lanyard With Cobra Stitch Knot ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

10) Create Paracord Storage Lanyard ~ by ITS Tactical

Video created by ITS Tactical


Do you want to know how to tie a lanyard knot? I always have a problem working on how to do it and probably you have the same experience as I did.

In this post we will learn this step by step paracord lanyard knot instructions by watching these two youtube video tutorials below and a instructional guide with very clear photographs to follow. Check this and start learning from by eddy14777.

I encourage you to pay attention and get a pen and paper ready so you can take notes. You may save this blog post so you won’t forget to use this for your future reference. After watching this tutorials you will learn a lot and start your journey on how to tie the ideal paracord lanyard knot.

This knowledge will be so valuable that you can start creating as many different types of projects applying this lanyard knot. A few product designs that you can start making using this type of lanyard knot are: paracord bracelet, necklace, knife, etc. Another way to tie it is with paper which would be a nice topic to talk about in the future.

Video created by WeaversofEternity

Video created by MrCoop