If you love creating paracord products you don’t want to miss how to do a paracord wrap. In this post you will learn how to create it to strengthen the grip of an object for example of a knife’s handle, for use in decorative purposes and to keep a paracord rope wrap on a product for security in future survival situations.

Basically you can wrap any object you want for these usages. The most popular products are knife, paddle, axe, wrist sling, etc. Check these links to get more information about this article on Paracord Wrap by Harlan Whitman and a topic at Itstactical.com by the ITS Crew.

A paracord is a nylon rope that is very light and was used mainly for parachutes during the world war II which can hold a 550 lbs. weight strength. This paracord is popular to the military and civilian groups of people who create to use for decorative and survival purposes. I invite you to view the following videos on how to do the steps in creating paracord wraps.

Tutorial video created by ITS Tactical

This video below will show you a tutorial on how to wrap a knife easily.

Tutorial video created by BennyCriss12