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The most amazing thing to know is that you can create beautiful bracelets out of this kind of knots.  There are many different colors to choose from this material which you can create various kinds of lovely bracelets. Olive Drab Nylon Strand Paracord Knots Rope  This can be used also as substitute for shoelace and rope.  People may not probably carry this but this is good to have especially when you encounter some emergency situations.  Very good in times where you can lower or pull yourself up to a safe place, however, if you are pulling an object heavier than 550 pounds, I think this material will not sustain it.

What Is Paracord?

This cord which is lightweight and solid, is excellent to have in your survival bag. It is originally use for military purposes only for parachutes. This is a nylon rope that is a Kernmantle cord that has an external part with inner fibers.  T1000' Foot OD Olive Drab Green Parachute Cord Paracord Knotshis is like a 550 rope, which has strength of 550 lbs.  This can be used for fishing cord, needlework in survival bag and some other uses which I enumerated below.  The external sheath can also be used for protection and cover for other items.  You can get this in any online and offline stores.

Popular Item Bracelet Product

This kind of rope have many uses and one of the best use that this is popular is the bracelet.  This is perfect if you have interest in outdoor activities or if you want to give it as a present to someone who loves outdoor activities.

The great feature about this paracord bracelet is its ability to be a perfect tool for a survival kit because of its ten feet of strength to hold a 550 pound weight.  This is also great to buildSGT KNOTS Paracord Knots Bracelet Purple a place for emergency cases or fix a worn out backpack by using the internal fibers of this rope.

The design that makes the bracelet looks great it is because of the combination of the two colored ropes.  It will also look good in a sport design with a one color tone.  SGT KNOTS Paracord Bracelet Orange BlackThis is a durable material which was originally designed in parachutes during World War 11.  The material used to make the bracelets which is the cord 550 has the strength of 550 pounds.

Different Uses

This special cord material, have versatile uses.  You can also be creative to think of other ideas possible for the use of these knots:

1 ) Substitute for shoelaces
2 ) Use as teeth floss by using the interior strands
3 ) Tie a stick to support broken arms or legs
4 ) Use as tow rope to pull heavy equipments
5 ) Create a tourniquet to lessen flow of blood
6 ) Use this cord for fishing
7 ) Make nice survival bracelets
8 ) Secure items on top of a vehicle
9 ) Internal strands can be used to repair worn out clothes
10 ) Use as support belt suspenders

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