I’m an avid fan of paracord products and one of the best item I want to see and learn is, how to create a paracord watch. How is this made and what kind of materials do we need to use to do this?  I’m always fascinated to see watches created with paracord watch strap.  The most important part in this item is how to create the paracord watch bracelet which is the main thing that holds the watch around your wrist.

With my eagerness to learn, I did some research and found this great and amazing sites on paracord watch band instructions.  One of the best tutorial of creating this is a step by step process on how to make it using a side release buckle applying the alternate half hitch and in addition, this can also be used with no watch as a paracord bracelet or by adding more length to it as a dog or cat collar.  You can view this step by step instructions in Instructables.com created by Stormdrane.

Did you know that this amazing watch can save your life?  Just unwind the survival straps bracelet and use this in emergency situations.  This is a nice looking watch with paracord bracelet strap that I found on my research.  Check this cool item created for this life saving purpose, Survival Straps Paracord Watch by Eric Yang.

Below you will also see a very nice video on how to make a paracord watch band created by Farmer Diddley in YouTube. This is an amazing step-by-step tutorial.  Hope you enjoy my post.  Please feel free to share this by submitting this to one of your favorite social links below.  Thanks!

Video created by Farmer Diddley


If I have to create beautiful bacelets made of paracord I will need quality sources of materials particularly 550 paracord bracelet supplies.  I will get the best material of different sizes, quantity and colors of such type like: nylon paracord rope, utility cord rope, buckles for paracord bracelets, etc.  Quality is very important to have excellent bracelet creations.

When I was just starting out to know this kind of creative creations I thought that you can just get any kind of rope that simulates this type of material but I made some research and found the real authentic material to use.  For those of you who live in other parts of the world like in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia, etc., the best source to get the paracord bracelet supplies is in Amazon.com.

You can also try these great resources where you can get such items already categorized according to what you need to create for your paracord bracelets.  Check this AbeadOfRoses.com where you can get some paracord bracelet kit and see some samples of bracelets.  Another is this great resource of paracod bracelet suppies MrParacord.com where you can view lots of choices of supplies for your bracelet projects.


I’ve seen a lot of products made of paracord but I have not seen a paracord necklace made out of it.  I’ve seen paracord necklace lanyard made of paracord knots. I’ve seen and learned how to make a bracelet out of of it too.  You have probably came across this page looking for the same subject matter.  Hey, you found the right place!

In this post I will show you how to make a paracord necklace.  This necklace is not just an ordinary necklace but it is made out of a paracord material 550 which means that it has a strength that can hold a weight as heavy as 550 lbs.  Aside from its use as decorative accessories that you can use it as as a lifesaver or survival tool to use for emergency situations.

In this post, I will show you an easy step by step procedure of paracord necklace tutorial.  This very unique because the creator made a very special necklace that is different from the regular necklace that you always see.  You will also find in detail what materials are necessary to get for your paracord necklace supplies.  Check out now this amazing tutorial from Instructables.com created by chewy3939 by clicking here.

You will also find below a video tutorial on how to create a paracord necklace.  This will teach you also a lot of knowledge on the step by step procedure and what material to use to create this. Check this out now.  Enjoy!

Video created by


I’ve been looking for some type of instructions on how to make a paracord lanyard for a long time already and just now I found a great source on lanyard tutorial on how to do that.  I found out that there are a few different kinds of uses of lanyard. The type of use in this tutorial that I will show you is a lanyard that you can use to put your keys or pocketknife.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a paracord lanyard keychain.  In the previous article I shared with you the instructions on how to make a bracelet out of this material and now it will be interesting to learn a new product to create.

This is really cool because this step-by-step instructions are for those who are just beginning to know this stuff.  You will also learn one of the most asked about topic on how to tie a lanyard and how to create a lanyard knot.  So take advantage of this great learning opportunity on how to make a paracord lanyard!

Below you will find a video created by Sormdrane on how to make a round crown sinnet paracord lanyard.  Plus at the  bottom of this page you will be able to browse some nice designs of lanyard that you can purchase directly from Amazon.

This instructions on how to make a paracord lanyard is really nice and beautifully presented using some great photos.  This was shown in the tutorial from the website HomemadeGiftsMadeEasy.com and was written as, “An intricately woven paracord lanyard to hold your keys or pocketknife.  The “king cobra” design looks cool, and you’ll always have 12 feet of super-strong paracord handy.” Read more on Paracord Lanyard Instructions For Complete Beginners, and learn the step by step instructions here.

To create this item you need these materials: gutted paracord of two pieces: 30 and
25 inches. This will create a fob that is finished with a two inch body and a three inch
loop. This video was created by Stormdrane. You can view more in his website http://stormdrane.blogspot.com



I was browsing the internet looking for a paracord item survival straps bracelets. I heard about how useful and helpful it is especially in times of emergency. For instance if you are trapped in a high place and there is no way to walk down and reach to the ground, the only Paracord EMS Survival Bracelet by Survival straps Largeone that you can use to help you is your handy survival straps bracelet.

You completely unravel it to 14 feet of paracord and use it to bring yourself safely down to the ground. Paracord material is so durable that it can pull an object as heavy as 550 pLarge Black Genuine Survival Straps Brand Parahute Cord Braceletounds. Knowing this I would prefer to have survival bracelets handy at any time and at any place I go. In addition, aside from its durability you can also use it for fashion and decorative purposes like bracelets, belts, keychains, etc.


Paracord Key Chain Black by Survival strapsI found a great website that produces this type of paracord products survival straps. They have different varieties of survival straps bracelets with amazing designs. A great article was written about this website with the name SurvivalStraps.com.

In this article you will find a guy who was doing a crocodile dundee impersonation and starring in a new show where he and his crew were always using survival straps. They actually approached the owner of the website if they can use them in the show. A few months after this guy literally caught a fourteen foot alligator using survival straps.

Wow, that’s unbelievable that this guy with just a piece of rope was able to catch a beast! That proves that survival straps paracord bracelets are exceptionally durable. I would definitely have to get one for myself if I have to go outdoor one day!

You will also read how the owner of this website found success producing this great product survival straps. It’s very inspiring to know where he begun his business and reached thousands of people purchased his products.

You can find more information about this survival straps producer by reading it here written by Alicia Ciccone from Huffingtonpost.com.


The best way to browse, collect and buy your favorite paracord items is to shop paracord in this page.  Below you will also find the bestselling paracord items in the market.  This is the perfect place to get them directly from Amazon.  You probably have gone to many other places online already, but you have stumbled upon this website and find out that you can get even more other kinds of items made from paracord.

I will be putting more paracord items here, so please come back anytime and keep on checking this page and you will see more selections in the next couple of days.  Below you will find the following bracelets: Paracord Survival Bracelet “Black” 9 Inch, Paracord Survival Bracelet “Desert Como” 9 Inch and Paracord Survival Bracelet “Black” 8 Inch.  Click the images below to get more information about these items.  To help you decide what to buy, I included some of the reviews with the pros and cons about the products.

paracord survival bracelet "black" 9 InchReview for, Paracord Survival Bracelet “Black” 9 Inch, by B. Tylutki

Nice bracelet…once.  This bracelet is a great idea. 10ft of paracord could come in handy in a variety of situations. But here is my problem…. the bracelet is 3 beans (i bought 2) – with shipping it was a total of 16 dollars. spending this much made me apprehensive about ripping it up to use it – and that was the whole idea behind getting it! (of course in a real survival situation I would not think about it.) So my advice would be to buy the bracelet – once. then get some para cord and go online and find instructions on making one yourself.”…Read more from Amazon.com.

Review for, Para-Cord Survival Bracelet “Desert Camo” 9 Inch, by roberthd81


para-cord survival bracelet "desert camo" 9 InchLOVE IT, enough said! So here’s the thing……the paracord survival bracelet market has seemingly blown up. You can go on just about any gun/survival/knife/outdoor/camping forum and see folks making them, selling them, or asking about them. I was one of the ones asking about them…as I had never seen them around area before.”…Read more from Amazon.com.


Review for, Para-Cord Survival Bracelet “Black” 8 Inch, by Windwalker

para-cord survival bracelet "black" 8 InchAwesome bracelet. These are great bracelets. Good quality and well made. Just make sure and the double make sure that you are ordering the proper size.”…Read more reviews from Amazon.com.


Revieparachute cord nylon 7 strand 550 lbw for, Parachute Cord Nylon 7 Strand 550lb Tested U.S MADE 100′, by Ossuary Online (to see items with colors please click this image)

Good product but deceptive title.  The cord shipped clean. The nylon is easy to burn and melts very clean, making it easy to seal cut ends to prevent fraying”…Read more from Amazon.com.


Review for, Paracord Planet 550 lb. Type III Nylon Paracord Black, by
Austin Felix 
(to see items with colors please click this image)

“Good product, just wish I would have bought more of other colors to go with it.”…Read more from Amazon.com.


If you are eager to create a bracelet made with paracord, this is the perfect place for you to see in detail the paracord bracelet instructions. As you know the paracord material is a very durable cord that can hold an object that weighs up to 550 lb. Wouldn’t it be great to have a bracelet not only decorative but also for survival purposes. Our goal in this article is to learn how to make a paracord bracelet.

Before you even buy paracord bracelet products, it is great to see this step by step guide to create a paracord bracelet with a side release buckle. If you do this in a bigger dimension you can use this also as a dog or cat collar. This tutorial will also show you where you can get the paracord knots materials like what kind of rope, side release buckles, etc. In addition you will also discover lots of paracord projects, links and references that are paracord related.

You need these materials: paracord 1/8″ diameter cord, ruler or tape measure, scissors, side release buckle and a lighter. You can have different size of paracord rope but for this instructions we will use 10 feet of paracord rope to begin with so that is about 10 inch of bracelet. This is how you calculate it. An inch of knotted bracelet is one foot of cord.

Check this great detailed step by step paracord bracelet instructions at Instructables.com created by Stormdrane.

Video created by tovamos816


Paracord material is a very secure and strong rope which due to its popularity a lot of us wanted to know the step by step paracord bracelet tutorial.  This material called paracord has a lot of uses especially in survival incidents.  It is advisable that you should carry some with you during your outdoor trips to help you in unexpected situations.  One best way to have this always is to carry a few with you as bracelets.

You probably came across this site looking for paracord survival bracelet instructions.  This is the perfect place to learn how to make paracord bracelet.  The first time you see a paracord bracelet you would think that it is difficult to create. The truth is it is just easy to create it!  It is also nice to know another way to create and follow a paracord bracelet instructions.

A )  Prepare your material paracord and make sure it is about fifteen ft. long so that you won’t be short.

B )  Get the the whole length of the paracord rope and turn up in the middle to have at least seven and a half foot length in each side.  Place a masking tape or anything that will mark the middle part of the cord.

C )  Create the knot on the left side by getting the one cord on the left side and place it at the buttom of  the center strands.

D )  Get the right side cord and place it at the buttom of the cord on the two middle strands toward the left side knot showed in the instruction before this.

E )   While stretching both of the ends on each side, make the knot tight to put the slack in.

F )  Take one of the cord on the right side and bring it under the middle strands.

G )  Take also the left side rope and bring it under the rope above the two center strands and through the curl that is on the right side shown in the previous instruction.

H )  Dragging both of the tips on either side, make the knot tight to drag in the rope that is loose.

I )  At this stage I will make the two small loops that are located at the top of the cobra stitch pattern a little bigger to use this as a tool to make the bracelet tight when finished.

J )  Continue doing the braided pattern until the cobra weave pattern is near the end of the curl and making the curl about half an inch open.

K )  When you start to braid your paracord knots rope, you need a few inch left over to place them in the slide holes that you had created mentioned previously.  To avoid the strands to come apart you will also need a few inch or less to burn the tips of the strands.  This way the tips are firm and easy to put them together to create the braid.  Burn the two ends by using a lighter then press the melted ends on the knot balls.

L )  Move smoothly the bracelet on.  Make the bracelet tight and insert the knot ball into the open curl to make it firm. Great!  Finally, you have created your own paracord bracelet.

Check this other great presentation of paracord bracelet tutorial.  Before you proceed reading it is best to know where to buy paracord material in strings or rope. Although there are so many stores to get it, the best place that I would prefer to purchase it is in Amazon.com.

Video created by Beanana711


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Probably you came across this site because you are one of the persons who want to buy paracord products. Below you will see some information on how and where to get your best choice for this item. Before you proceed, it is important to know some good information about this kind of product.

Paracord came from the words “parachute cord”. It is a very light material normally use in the suspension lines of US parachutes in the times at World War 11. Para Cord Black Gladding BraidedThis material has many uses both by paratroopers and by civilians alike. It is a name that symbolizes a 550 lb weight strength cord. It can be used for many purposes especially in the survival situations and some decorative accessories. I highly recommend to buying this product especially if you are in the outdoor or camping enthusiast or if you are using it simply to do something creative.

Many people with interest of this material use this for survival purposes using paracord knots like towing a car, using it for fishing, to tie a shoe, etc. Some people just use this for creating decorative accessories like bracelets, key chain, lanyards, etc. It is so amazing to find this knowledge because out of this simple rope you can create hundreds of beautiful stuff.

To start collecting or creating this products it is important to know how to get the authentic material called 550 paracord. The best sign to know this is when you cut the cord you should see inside it seven nylon strings weaved together. Sgt Knots Paracord Yellow 1,000 FeetIf it has less than that or empty at all it is a sign that it is not an authentic military specifications where it has a 550 lb weight strength cord.

There are so many places around the internet where you can get these products of paracord uses. The common question is always uttered, “Where can I buy paracord?” One of the most popular places where you can get it is Amazon.com. This Paracord Black rope is one of the many types of products where you can pick your choice to buy paracord materials.

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The most amazing thing to know is that you can create beautiful bracelets out of this kind of knots.  There are many different colors to choose from this material which you can create various kinds of lovely bracelets. Olive Drab Nylon Strand Paracord Knots Rope  This can be used also as substitute for shoelace and rope.  People may not probably carry this but this is good to have especially when you encounter some emergency situations.  Very good in times where you can lower or pull yourself up to a safe place, however, if you are pulling an object heavier than 550 pounds, I think this material will not sustain it.

What Is Paracord?

This cord which is lightweight and solid, is excellent to have in your survival bag. It is originally use for military purposes only for parachutes. This is a nylon rope that is a Kernmantle cord that has an external part with inner fibers.  T1000' Foot OD Olive Drab Green Parachute Cord Paracord Knotshis is like a 550 rope, which has strength of 550 lbs.  This can be used for fishing cord, needlework in survival bag and some other uses which I enumerated below.  The external sheath can also be used for protection and cover for other items.  You can get this in any online and offline stores.

Popular Item Bracelet Product

This kind of rope have many uses and one of the best use that this is popular is the bracelet.  This is perfect if you have interest in outdoor activities or if you want to give it as a present to someone who loves outdoor activities.

The great feature about this paracord bracelet is its ability to be a perfect tool for a survival kit because of its ten feet of strength to hold a 550 pound weight.  This is also great to buildSGT KNOTS Paracord Knots Bracelet Purple a place for emergency cases or fix a worn out backpack by using the internal fibers of this rope.

The design that makes the bracelet looks great it is because of the combination of the two colored ropes.  It will also look good in a sport design with a one color tone.  SGT KNOTS Paracord Bracelet Orange BlackThis is a durable material which was originally designed in parachutes during World War 11.  The material used to make the bracelets which is the cord 550 has the strength of 550 pounds.

Different Uses

This special cord material, have versatile uses.  You can also be creative to think of other ideas possible for the use of these knots:

1 ) Substitute for shoelaces
2 ) Use as teeth floss by using the interior strands
3 ) Tie a stick to support broken arms or legs
4 ) Use as tow rope to pull heavy equipments
5 ) Create a tourniquet to lessen flow of blood
6 ) Use this cord for fishing
7 ) Make nice survival bracelets
8 ) Secure items on top of a vehicle
9 ) Internal strands can be used to repair worn out clothes
10 ) Use as support belt suspenders

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