If you love creating paracord products you don’t want to miss how to do a paracord wrap. In this post you will learn how to create it to strengthen the grip of an object for example of a knife’s handle, for use in decorative purposes and to keep a paracord rope wrap on a product for security in future survival situations.

Basically you can wrap any object you want for these usages. The most popular products are knife, paddle, axe, wrist sling, etc. Check these links to get more information about this article on Paracord Wrap by Harlan Whitman and a topic at Itstactical.com by the ITS Crew.

A paracord is a nylon rope that is very light and was used mainly for parachutes during the world war II which can hold a 550 lbs. weight strength. This paracord is popular to the military and civilian groups of people who create to use for decorative and survival purposes. I invite you to view the following videos on how to do the steps in creating paracord wraps.

Tutorial video created by ITS Tactical

This video below will show you a tutorial on how to wrap a knife easily.

Tutorial video created by BennyCriss12

This is a simple tutorial on how to make a paracord knife lanyard design that you can own or get it for sale in any store. Sometimes we acquire a knife that is small which we have difficulty in holding it so this lanyard attached to it will help us hold it securely.

Another use is when you lost your knife this lanyard will help you find it easily, especially if you use a bright or luminous type of paracord rope. Lastly you can store a long size paracord 550 that is made into a paracord knife lanyard which you can use in any survival situations that you might encounter in the future.

Check these videos on Youtube below and learn how to do a paracord knife lanyard. Enjoy!

Video part 1 tutorial of Paracord Knife Lanyard created by edgedweapon88

Video part 2 tutorial created by edgedweapon88 

I always see bracelets with different colors but I have not seen yet a 3 colored paracord bracelet and I’m curious to know how to create this with step-by-step instructions. Probbaly most of you would like to know also a tutorial on how to make this survival bracelet.

Creating this three colored bracelet design is a great way to make varied types to add to your paracord bracelet collections. Including these 3 colors will give you the versatility to match the colour to someone who needs this kind.

One example is if you have a favorite sports team you can match the color of the team by making a 3 colored paracord bracelet. There are a few ways to create this but one of the most popular one is to know how to do it using a king cobra stitch.

Below you will find a video created by ParacordPlanet which is a great information we can enjoy to know how to make color paracord bracelet.

Video created by ParacordPlanet


I am very excited to show you the paracord projects that I collected. Most of us are fans of paracords and want to get as much information on numerous ways we can utilize it. In this post, you will get many ideas on what to create with your paracords by watching the video below.

It is very important to plan and research on projects that you want to create – this includes the materials included for crafting them and ways on how to make the project. Often times, it is difficult to find tutorials that are easy to follow, so I spent some time digging through some ideas online and searching information through books to make it easy for you. Here are some of the tutorials that I found that can help give you step-by-step instructions on making the following projects:

·      Creative survival bracelets with a release buckle

·      Monkey fist button-on bracelets

·      Wrist lanyards

·      Watches with paracord bands

·      Paracord rings

·      Fender key chains

·      Belts made from paracords

·      Dog collars and leashes

·      Parachute wraps for lighters

·      Cords for cutting (can be used when knives are out of reach)

I also found an awesome video online in Youtube below that explains more about this topic. Collecting the types of products that I have mentioned above is a fun, unique and inexpensive kind of hobby to consider for your paracord projects. To find out more about the tutorials mentioned above and see more, you may check it out at Instructables.com created by scoochmaroo.

Get some project ideas from this video created by jojo3102



When it comes to taking care of your dog, making a paracord dog collar is a very important project not to miss. It will help you walk your dog safely and securely.

Using a parachute cord (paracord for short), as a material to make your dog’s collar is the best way to avoid losing your dog because of a broken or defective dog collar. The paracord’s functionality, versatility, durability and quality to withstand outside elements (such as water and mildew) make it a very good choice for making sturdy dog collars and leashes. Keeping the paracord collar on your dog will help you and your pet in emergency situations and is also a great way to make your pooch look stylish.

This tutorial has some simple instructions to follow to be able to create your own paracord dog collar. In this website you may view and learn the easiest way to make it. View here the step-by-step tutorial on paracord dog collar by mattrush, Instructables.com.

You can also watch below two video tutorials created by Rock Paracord and TyingItAllTogether. You may also buy some nice paracord dog collars for your canines for sale at Amazon.com.

Video tutorial on adjustable dog collar by Rock Paracord

Video on how to make a paracord dog leash by TyingItAllTogether

book paracord fusion ties vol. 2

Image Courtesy of Amazon.com

Paracord Fusion Ties Volume 2 is an amazing book that a paracord enthusiast like you should not miss to have. This is the newest book that the author J.D. Lenzen created after the previously published book namely Paracord Fusion Ties – Volume 1. This new book showed many different designs and ways you can store your different types of cord creations before using them for survival purposes.

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This book will show you many different kinds of photographs in color with very easy to follow procedures on how to use this type of rope to create key chains, bracelets, straps, etc. and other ways to store them before use for emergency situations.

===> Check this link! Read some customer reviews and other important information about this new book.

In addition, this book shows you a special way to create new unique designs that you can use this rope in many practical purposes which are very useful in your everyday lives. Some of these designs are use for sandals, to hold machette firmly, rock sling, snow goggles and more. I highly recommend this new book Paracord Fusion Ties Volume 2 which can readily be purchased at Amazon.com.

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I’m always curious to learn how to create a paracord cobra weave. Whatever I want to create out of it a keychain, lanyard or a bracelet, I am always eager to learn the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Probably you too have the same interest as I have. You are in the perfect spot to stumble upon my site!

It is always wise to have at least 12 feet length of cord before creating any of this cobra weave. Remember paracord is a durable material with a remarkable strength that holds a 550 pound weight. With this said it is very important to have this handy with you to help you in any survival situations.

This cobra weave looks very nice and I believe you can use it to create many other types of paracord items like a dog lease, bracelets, keychains, necklace and a few other more. You can also apply weave with buckle which makes it durable and enhance its looks. You can be creative and come up with many kinds of designs

I found a great step-by-step tutorial and a video below with a very comprehensive instructions to watch and follow. I’m sure you will find this very helpful to start learning how to make a paracord cobra weave. Check it out here, Paracord Lanyard Instructions at HomemadeGiftsMadeEasy.com.

Video created by kevingg2000


This is really cool! Instructions to create your own paracord belt. I’m always amaze to find things that you can create out of paracord. Many use it with their clothes by showing themselves wearing it around their waists. A belt made of paracord looks really great! Wouldn’t it be nice to see yourself with a paracord belt?

People who loves outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, camping, etc. usually wears this. It is always a big help especially in times of emergency situations.

Creating it is very simple! The most important thing to remember is to make sure that there is a way to untagle the knots of the belt by taking out the belt buckle and a way to asemble it again after using it for emergency situations.

Before creating the belt make sure of the size of the rope to use. Usually you need 15 inch of rope size for every inch in the belt. So measure your waist first before starting to create it. If your waist line is 30 inch multiple it by 15 and you will get the size of the rope you needed to create the belt.

Then choose what kind of braid design you wll use. There are a lot of braid designs that you can use but It is good for newbies to use the simple braid which is called the Typical Braid Pattern. Another braid design that is widely use is called the Cobra Weave. This type is a bit intricate and has a nice pattern. I find the braid for paracord bracelet a simple type of braid design, however, I have not seen yet if this kind is good for creating this belt.

I would like to continue writing the instructions on how to do this belt but I think it would be best if you read and watch exactly the site links and amazing video tutorials that I will share with you below. I discovered a few great sites that demonstrated how to do this perfectly. I invite you to visit them and learn the detailed steps. Before you proceed just bear in mind that you can use any colors of rope to create this belt. I hope you will find this helpful. Enjoy making your paracord belt!

This tutorial was created by Essexman with very detailed instructions. He showed a couple of photographs in a manner that you can see step by step visual guide.

This tutorial by stuwegie was presented with few photos which showed a beautiful black paracord belt and the materials that were used to create it.

And finally a very comprehensive procedure created by Eparacord.com on how to build a paracord belt.

Video created by TyingItAllTogether

Video creatd by TyingItAllTogether


Probably one of the most searched topic here is how to make a paracord keychain. I’m also eager to know on how to do it and as a matter of fact I’ve been looking for a great tutorial on this few days ago. I was lucky to find one that is really nice which you will see later below.

Paracord 550 is a durable material and to create a keychain out of it will really be awesome since it has double purpose in using it. One is to use it as a tool to sort out and keep your keys in one secure place and to serve as a material to help you in times of survival situations.

If you found yourself in an emergency situation just simply untie the paracord rope in the keychain and use it to support, pull or secure yourself to save your life. Its durability made it also popular to many areas of design like paracord knots bracelets, watch, lanyard, dog collar, etc.

In this post I will show you some information and step by step instructions on how to make a paracord keychain. Once you learn how to do it you will be more versatile and create many types of designs with creative patterns.

Below you will see a video showing the step by step instructions on how to do it and some links that will bring you to an amazing article about paracord keychain tutorials created by SyberProdigy at Instructables.com.

Video by dualdubmix


If you love outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, it is important that you know how to braid paracord and bring with you at least one of these paracord items for survival purposes such as bracelets, reins, belts, dog collar and other useful survival items.

Creating a paracord bracelet is not complicated and it is important to know this so that you can always have this handy if you encounter yourself in emergency situations. Instead of grabbing a long cord and putting it in your bag why not create something useful and decorative so you can always have it with you.

It is good to make several styles and colors and see which ones looks best. It is just so nice to see how the braided paracord products look like! Before going outdoor it is a good practice to create this survival items to be ready to any emergency event that you might encounter during your outdoor trip.

To braid a parcord bracelet is easy to learn. Below is a very simple and excellent braiding intructions of a paracord bracelet which I have encountered online. Before you proceed it is best to use the 550 paracord rope because it is a strong cord which can support a 550 pound weight for survival purposes. Read the whole step by step instructions here at Eparacord.com on how to braid paracord bracelet.

Video on how to make a paracord bracelet created by Michael Hobbs