I am very interested in anything about paracord and to have this as a hobby or business, the very first thing we have to do is to know the different types of paracord knots. It is very important to have this knowledge so that we will be able to know how to tie different knots for paracord bracelets and apply them to different product designs and also to our practical and everyday life situations.

If you know these different types of knots you will be able to create very easily all kinds of decorative and useful products using paracord. I will share with you an article where you will discover the many different paracord bracelet patterns that you can apply to your new bracelet projects. Check this one from Instructables by AkParacord

Another one that I found very interesting to know are the different types of knots where you can also apply to your outdoor activities and also to your decorative paracord projects as well. Since these are very useful and effective most of these knots are being used by scouts, paddlers, boaters, etc. You may read and view them here at NetKnots.com, Rope Knots.

This video below will show you the most important knots you have to know to be able to use them in our daily lives. We can also apply these types of knots to create great and firm designs using different knots for paracord.

Video created by Repairs101

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