This is really cool! Instructions to create your own paracord belt. I’m always amaze to find things that you can create out of paracord. Many use it with their clothes by showing themselves wearing it around their waists. A belt made of paracord looks really great! Wouldn’t it be nice to see yourself with a paracord belt?

People who loves outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, camping, etc. usually wears this. It is always a big help especially in times of emergency situations.

Creating it is very simple! The most important thing to remember is to make sure that there is a way to untagle the knots of the belt by taking out the belt buckle and a way to asemble it again after using it for emergency situations.

Before creating the belt make sure of the size of the rope to use. Usually you need 15 inch of rope size for every inch in the belt. So measure your waist first before starting to create it. If your waist line is 30 inch multiple it by 15 and you will get the size of the rope you needed to create the belt.

Then choose what kind of braid design you wll use. There are a lot of braid designs that you can use but It is good for newbies to use the simple braid which is called the Typical Braid Pattern. Another braid design that is widely use is called the Cobra Weave. This type is a bit intricate and has a nice pattern. I find the braid for paracord bracelet a simple type of braid design, however, I have not seen yet if this kind is good for creating this belt.

I would like to continue writing the instructions on how to do this belt but I think it would be best if you read and watch exactly the site links and amazing video tutorials that I will share with you below. I discovered a few great sites that demonstrated how to do this perfectly. I invite you to visit them and learn the detailed steps. Before you proceed just bear in mind that you can use any colors of rope to create this belt. I hope you will find this helpful. Enjoy making your paracord belt!

This tutorial was created by Essexman with very detailed instructions. He showed a couple of photographs in a manner that you can see step by step visual guide.

This tutorial by stuwegie was presented with few photos which showed a beautiful black paracord belt and the materials that were used to create it.

And finally a very comprehensive procedure created by on how to build a paracord belt.

Video created by TyingItAllTogether

Video creatd by TyingItAllTogether

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