I am very excited to show you the paracord projects that I collected. Most of us are fans of paracords and want to get as much information on numerous ways we can utilize it. In this post, you will get many ideas on what to create with your paracords by watching the video below.

It is very important to plan and research on projects that you want to create – this includes the materials included for crafting them and ways on how to make the project. Often times, it is difficult to find tutorials that are easy to follow, so I spent some time digging through some ideas online and searching information through books to make it easy for you. Here are some of the tutorials that I found that can help give you step-by-step instructions on making the following projects:

·      Creative survival bracelets with a release buckle

·      Monkey fist button-on bracelets

·      Wrist lanyards

·      Watches with paracord bands

·      Paracord rings

·      Fender key chains

·      Belts made from paracords

·      Dog collars and leashes

·      Parachute wraps for lighters

·      Cords for cutting (can be used when knives are out of reach)

I also found an awesome video online in Youtube below that explains more about this topic. Collecting the types of products that I have mentioned above is a fun, unique and inexpensive kind of hobby to consider for your paracord projects. To find out more about the tutorials mentioned above and see more, you may check it out at Instructables.com created by scoochmaroo.

Get some project ideas from this video created by jojo3102


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