In creating different kinds of paracord products you need to know the many types of paracord bracelet weave patterns. They are called Cobra, Mamba, Fishtail, Viper, King Cobra, Boa, Rattler and Sidewinder. To create the perfect designs, you should know that the most popular among these is Cobra.

It is good to master all these types of weaves especially knowing how to make a 550 cord in a paracord bracelet and learning its step by step instructions. It is a great plus to have this knowledge to be able to create products with different looks and unique styles.

This is very useful if you want interesting varieties in your paracord designs which will broaden your ideas and creativity. You can apply each weave patterns to each product type. For example you can use a Cobra weave to a project like paracord keychain that you will be working on. Click here to view more information about paracord weave patterns.

To see different types of weave patterns that you can apply to your paracord bracelet design projects, click here to start viewing them. Below you can also find two Youtube video tutorials where you can learn some new ways to apply this type of weave.

This Is An Example Of A Cobra Weave

Video created by KevinBrauer

This Is an Example Of A Triaxial Weave

Video created by Paracord guild


This is a great tutorial on how to create a snake knot bracelet viceroy made of paracord. Like me I always find a tutorial that showed how to apply the buckle in it. This a unique design and a creative idea with or without a buckle.

Below you will see a tutorial with the step by step instructions. I find this guide very interesting because it showed simple easy to understand instructions and on top of that this is created by one of my favorite and best paracord knot creator known as TIAT (Tying It All Together).

In addition, I also would like to know how to make a snake knot necklace. I’m sure after watching this tutorial below I will have more ideas and fresh knowledge that I can gather which I will be able to apply creating this necklace.

I believe that the technique to do a snake stitch is very important in this matter. So pay attention as you watch this video below. Enjoy!

Video created by TyingItAllTogether


There are different types of lanyard knots that we can apply in our paracord knot tying. It is important to know the basic instruction of making it especially if we are just a beginner but as we grow in the knowledge of this creative knotting craft, it is essential to know the other kinds of lanyard knots.

You can use different materials to create this decorative patterns and stitches. Paracord is one of the most popular where most of us choose but you can also use other materials like plastic flat rope, nylon, polyester, satin, silk, etc.

I discovered ten kinds of lanyard knots and they are among the best and popular to use especially if you are creating lanyards for knife, keychain, necklace, etc. Before you proceed and check them out below, I encourage you to read this tutorial about the basic of creating paracord lanyard for beginners by

For those of you who are just starting out, this is a great discovery and for those of you who know this already it is an excellent way to review and make use of it again in your new projects.

And also don’t go without checking one of my previous post about a tutorial on how to make a simple lanyard. Enjoy!

1) Spiraled Solomon Bar Neck-Lanyard ~ by TIAT

Video created by TyingItAllTogether

2) Cross Knot Paracord Lanyard ~ by Stormdrane

Video created by Stormdrane

3) Tie Snake Knot Lanyard ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

4) Diamond Knot For Knife Lanyard ~ by Cr0cket20

Video created by Cr0cket20

5) Paracord Piranha Knot Lanyard ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

6) Adjustable Paracord Wrist Lanyard ~ Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

7) Chris Reeve Lanyard Snake Knot With Bead ~ by WeaversofEternity

Video created by WeaversofEternity

8) Create A Paracord Lanyard Knot ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

9) Wrist Paracord Lanyard With Cobra Stitch Knot ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

10) Create Paracord Storage Lanyard ~ by ITS Tactical

Video created by ITS Tactical


Do you want to know how to tie a lanyard knot? I always have a problem working on how to do it and probably you have the same experience as I did.

In this post we will learn this step by step paracord lanyard knot instructions by watching these two youtube video tutorials below and a instructional guide with very clear photographs to follow. Check this and start learning from by eddy14777.

I encourage you to pay attention and get a pen and paper ready so you can take notes. You may save this blog post so you won’t forget to use this for your future reference. After watching this tutorials you will learn a lot and start your journey on how to tie the ideal paracord lanyard knot.

This knowledge will be so valuable that you can start creating as many different types of projects applying this lanyard knot. A few product designs that you can start making using this type of lanyard knot are: paracord bracelet, necklace, knife, etc. Another way to tie it is with paper which would be a nice topic to talk about in the future.

Video created by WeaversofEternity

Video created by MrCoop


This is one of the most asked about question and I myself also wants to know how do you make a survival bracelet with a buckle. I guess learning this will also help us figure out creating a bracelet without a buckle and with three, two or more colors.

Survival means to maintain being alive in times of difficult situations. Creating a survival bracelet using a paracord material is a smart way to help us in emergency situations. Watch this Youtube video tutorial below and start learning how to do it.

This tutorial video was created by Jessie wheeler


If you love creating paracord products you don’t want to miss how to do a paracord wrap. In this post you will learn how to create it to strengthen the grip of an object for example of a knife’s handle, for use in decorative purposes and to keep a paracord rope wrap on a product for security in future survival situations.

Basically you can wrap any object you want for these usages. The most popular products are knife, paddle, axe, wrist sling, etc. Check these links to get more information about this article on Paracord Wrap by Harlan Whitman and a topic at by the ITS Crew.

A paracord is a nylon rope that is very light and was used mainly for parachutes during the world war II which can hold a 550 lbs. weight strength. This paracord is popular to the military and civilian groups of people who create to use for decorative and survival purposes. I invite you to view the following videos on how to do the steps in creating paracord wraps.

Tutorial video created by ITS Tactical

This video below will show you a tutorial on how to wrap a knife easily.

Tutorial video created by BennyCriss12

This is a simple tutorial on how to make a paracord knife lanyard design that you can own or get it for sale in any store. Sometimes we acquire a knife that is small which we have difficulty in holding it so this lanyard attached to it will help us hold it securely.

Another use is when you lost your knife this lanyard will help you find it easily, especially if you use a bright or luminous type of paracord rope. Lastly you can store a long size paracord 550 that is made into a paracord knife lanyard which you can use in any survival situations that you might encounter in the future.

Check these videos on Youtube below and learn how to do a paracord knife lanyard. Enjoy!

Video part 1 tutorial of Paracord Knife Lanyard created by edgedweapon88

Video part 2 tutorial created by edgedweapon88 

I always see bracelets with different colors but I have not seen yet a 3 colored paracord bracelet and I’m curious to know how to create this with step-by-step instructions. Probbaly most of you would like to know also a tutorial on how to make this survival bracelet.

Creating this three colored bracelet design is a great way to make varied types to add to your paracord bracelet collections. Including these 3 colors will give you the versatility to match the colour to someone who needs this kind.

One example is if you have a favorite sports team you can match the color of the team by making a 3 colored paracord bracelet. There are a few ways to create this but one of the most popular one is to know how to do it using a king cobra stitch.

Below you will find a video created by ParacordPlanet which is a great information we can enjoy to know how to make color paracord bracelet.

Video created by ParacordPlanet


When it comes to taking care of your dog, making a paracord dog collar is a very important project not to miss. It will help you walk your dog safely and securely.

Using a parachute cord (paracord for short), as a material to make your dog’s collar is the best way to avoid losing your dog because of a broken or defective dog collar. The paracord’s functionality, versatility, durability and quality to withstand outside elements (such as water and mildew) make it a very good choice for making sturdy dog collars and leashes. Keeping the paracord collar on your dog will help you and your pet in emergency situations and is also a great way to make your pooch look stylish.

This tutorial has some simple instructions to follow to be able to create your own paracord dog collar. In this website you may view and learn the easiest way to make it. View here the step-by-step tutorial on paracord dog collar by mattrush,

You can also watch below two video tutorials created by Rock Paracord and TyingItAllTogether. You may also buy some nice paracord dog collars for your canines for sale at

Video tutorial on adjustable dog collar by Rock Paracord

Video on how to make a paracord dog leash by TyingItAllTogether


I’m always curious to learn how to create a paracord cobra weave. Whatever I want to create out of it a keychain, lanyard or a bracelet, I am always eager to learn the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Probably you too have the same interest as I have. You are in the perfect spot to stumble upon my site!

It is always wise to have at least 12 feet length of cord before creating any of this cobra weave. Remember paracord is a durable material with a remarkable strength that holds a 550 pound weight. With this said it is very important to have this handy with you to help you in any survival situations.

This cobra weave looks very nice and I believe you can use it to create many other types of paracord items like a dog lease, bracelets, keychains, necklace and a few other more. You can also apply weave with buckle which makes it durable and enhance its looks. You can be creative and come up with many kinds of designs

I found a great step-by-step tutorial and a video below with a very comprehensive instructions to watch and follow. I’m sure you will find this very helpful to start learning how to make a paracord cobra weave. Check it out here, Paracord Lanyard Instructions at

Video created by kevingg2000