This is a simple tutorial on how to make a paracord knife lanyard design that you can own or get it for sale in any store. Sometimes we acquire a knife that is small which we have difficulty in holding it so this lanyard attached to it will help us hold it securely.

Another use is when you lost your knife this lanyard will help you find it easily, especially if you use a bright or luminous type of paracord rope. Lastly you can store a long size paracord 550 that is made into a paracord knife lanyard which you can use in any survival situations that you might encounter in the future.

Check these videos on Youtube below and learn how to do a paracord knife lanyard. Enjoy!

Video part 1 tutorial of Paracord Knife Lanyard created by edgedweapon88

Video part 2 tutorial created by edgedweapon88