When it comes to taking care of your dog, making a paracord dog collar is a very important project not to miss. It will help you walk your dog safely and securely.

Using a parachute cord (paracord for short), as a material to make your dog’s collar is the best way to avoid losing your dog because of a broken or defective dog collar. The paracord’s functionality, versatility, durability and quality to withstand outside elements (such as water and mildew) make it a very good choice for making sturdy dog collars and leashes. Keeping the paracord collar on your dog will help you and your pet in emergency situations and is also a great way to make your pooch look stylish.

This tutorial has some simple instructions to follow to be able to create your own paracord dog collar. In this website you may view and learn the easiest way to make it. View here the step-by-step tutorial on paracord dog collar by mattrush, Instructables.com.

You can also watch below two video tutorials created by Rock Paracord and TyingItAllTogether. You may also buy some nice paracord dog collars for your canines for sale at Amazon.com.

Video tutorial on adjustable dog collar by Rock Paracord

Video on how to make a paracord dog leash by TyingItAllTogether