7 basic knots

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I used to learn how to tie the 7 basic knots when I was just a small kid and that was way back then during my boy scout years. We used to know that only the sailors or mountain climbers were the ones familiar with these type of knots but the truth is, this knowledge is also for everyone to know.

Having this ability, we can also apply it to jewelry making, crafts,
tying our own shoes and in many of our other daily life activities. In addition to know this, I am inspired also to use them to our paracord knots projects.

Most importantly this will help us save our lives if we are in a danger situation which I believe, to know and understand how to create these knots is a must.

Below is a video tutorial where you will learn the seven basic knots and how to create them. I encourage you to pay attention and practice the step by step procedures of each of this and start applying them in your daily lives.

Video created by Art of Manliness


In creating different kinds of paracord products you need to know the many types of paracord bracelet weave patterns. They are called Cobra, Mamba, Fishtail, Viper, King Cobra, Boa, Rattler and Sidewinder. To create the perfect designs, you should know that the most popular among these is Cobra.

It is good to master all these types of weaves especially knowing how to make a 550 cord in a paracord bracelet and learning its step by step instructions. It is a great plus to have this knowledge to be able to create products with different looks and unique styles.

This is very useful if you want interesting varieties in your paracord designs which will broaden your ideas and creativity. You can apply each weave patterns to each product type. For example you can use a Cobra weave to a project like paracord keychain that you will be working on. Click here to view more information about paracord weave patterns.

To see different types of weave patterns that you can apply to your paracord bracelet design projects, click here to start viewing them. Below you can also find two Youtube video tutorials where you can learn some new ways to apply this type of weave.

This Is An Example Of A Cobra Weave

Video created by KevinBrauer

This Is an Example Of A Triaxial Weave

Video created by Paracord guild


I thought about showing this important aspect of knot tying which is the basic knots and their uses. There are eight kinds of this type that is advisable to learn before starting your knot tying career or hobby. I will be showing the rest of the eight in the next couple of days. To find out all of them I advise you to go to the right side of this website under “category” and find them under “kinds of knots”.

These important essentials knots is very useful for the outdoors, survival skills and decorative purposes such as: for basic boating knots, for boy and girl scouts, climbing, fishing, rescue, camping, etc. and you can also be creative and apply these techniques to your decorative knot designs using paracord like: bracelet knots, lanyard, dog lease knot, etc. Pay attention and take notes to this free video tutorial below. You will need this in your journey of knot tying.

Video created by AnimatedKnots


This is a great tutorial on how to create a snake knot bracelet viceroy made of paracord. Like me I always find a tutorial that showed how to apply the buckle in it. This a unique design and a creative idea with or without a buckle.

Below you will see a tutorial with the step by step instructions. I find this guide very interesting because it showed simple easy to understand instructions and on top of that this is created by one of my favorite and best paracord knot creator known as TIAT (Tying It All Together).

In addition, I also would like to know how to make a snake knot necklace. I’m sure after watching this tutorial below I will have more ideas and fresh knowledge that I can gather which I will be able to apply creating this necklace.

I believe that the technique to do a snake stitch is very important in this matter. So pay attention as you watch this video below. Enjoy!

Video created by TyingItAllTogether


There are different types of lanyard knots that we can apply in our paracord knot tying. It is important to know the basic instruction of making it especially if we are just a beginner but as we grow in the knowledge of this creative knotting craft, it is essential to know the other kinds of lanyard knots.

You can use different materials to create this decorative patterns and stitches. Paracord is one of the most popular where most of us choose but you can also use other materials like plastic flat rope, nylon, polyester, satin, silk, etc.

I discovered ten kinds of lanyard knots and they are among the best and popular to use especially if you are creating lanyards for knife, keychain, necklace, etc. Before you proceed and check them out below, I encourage you to read this tutorial about the basic of creating paracord lanyard for beginners by Homemade-Gifts-Made-Easy.com.

For those of you who are just starting out, this is a great discovery and for those of you who know this already it is an excellent way to review and make use of it again in your new projects.

And also don’t go without checking one of my previous post about a tutorial on how to make a simple lanyard. Enjoy!

1) Spiraled Solomon Bar Neck-Lanyard ~ by TIAT

Video created by TyingItAllTogether

2) Cross Knot Paracord Lanyard ~ by Stormdrane

Video created by Stormdrane

3) Tie Snake Knot Lanyard ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

4) Diamond Knot For Knife Lanyard ~ by Cr0cket20

Video created by Cr0cket20

5) Paracord Piranha Knot Lanyard ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

6) Adjustable Paracord Wrist Lanyard ~ Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

7) Chris Reeve Lanyard Snake Knot With Bead ~ by WeaversofEternity

Video created by WeaversofEternity

8) Create A Paracord Lanyard Knot ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

9) Wrist Paracord Lanyard With Cobra Stitch Knot ~ by Offtrail Dreamer

Video created by Offtrail Dreamer

10) Create Paracord Storage Lanyard ~ by ITS Tactical

Video created by ITS Tactical


Do you want to know how to tie a lanyard knot? I always have a problem working on how to do it and probably you have the same experience as I did.

In this post we will learn this step by step paracord lanyard knot instructions by watching these two youtube video tutorials below and a instructional guide with very clear photographs to follow. Check this and start learning from Instructables.com by eddy14777.

I encourage you to pay attention and get a pen and paper ready so you can take notes. You may save this blog post so you won’t forget to use this for your future reference. After watching this tutorials you will learn a lot and start your journey on how to tie the ideal paracord lanyard knot.

This knowledge will be so valuable that you can start creating as many different types of projects applying this lanyard knot. A few product designs that you can start making using this type of lanyard knot are: paracord bracelet, necklace, knife, etc. Another way to tie it is with paper which would be a nice topic to talk about in the future.

Video created by WeaversofEternity

Video created by MrCoop


In our journey to learn the knowledge of creating paracord products it is important to know the different types of paracord bracelets. There are so many bracelet instructions that we have to follow to create amazing designs and before doing this we have to know first how to do the different kinds of bracelet weaves or patterns. Check this five famous paracord bracelet weaves from Paracordbracelethq.com.

The great thing that is very amazing in this field of paracord is its ability to help us in emergency situations where we can make use of it by making survival bracelets.

Video created by patstigs3712



I am very interested in anything about paracord and to have this as a hobby or business, the very first thing we have to do is to know the different types of paracord knots. It is very important to have this knowledge so that we will be able to know how to tie different knots for paracord bracelets and apply them to different product designs and also to our practical and everyday life situations.

If you know these different types of knots you will be able to create very easily all kinds of decorative and useful products using paracord. I will share with you an article where you will discover the many different paracord bracelet patterns that you can apply to your new bracelet projects. Check this one from Instructables by AkParacord

Another one that I found very interesting to know are the different types of knots where you can also apply to your outdoor activities and also to your decorative paracord projects as well. Since these are very useful and effective most of these knots are being used by scouts, paddlers, boaters, etc. You may read and view them here at NetKnots.com, Rope Knots.

This video below will show you the most important knots you have to know to be able to use them in our daily lives. We can also apply these types of knots to create great and firm designs using different knots for paracord.

Video created by Repairs101


It is always nice to find some great ideas for our next cool paracord bracelet designs. We are always looking for unique designs of paracord bracelet patterns that we can apply to our new projects of 2 to 3 or more color paracord bracelets that are always inspiring to create. Below are some Youtube paracord bracelet videos that we can watch and learn right now from our own homes and start creating our paracord bracelet collections.

Cool Paracord Bracelet Designs by TIAT. Video created by The Late Boy Scout

19 Different Designs Of Paracord Bracelets. Video created by ParacordSweden

30 Beautiful Paracord Survival Bracelet Designs. Video created by BoredParacord


This is one of the most asked about question and I myself also wants to know how do you make a survival bracelet with a buckle. I guess learning this will also help us figure out creating a bracelet without a buckle and with three, two or more colors.

Survival means to maintain being alive in times of difficult situations. Creating a survival bracelet using a paracord material is a smart way to help us in emergency situations. Watch this Youtube video tutorial below and start learning how to do it.

This tutorial video was created by Jessie wheeler